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Extraterrestrial Spaceships Answer to Climate Change?

Here is some more interesting twists.........hmmm what could be heading our way??? Or already flying over head.....???

New York Times

May 14, 2009
A climate solution that's out of this world
By ANNE C. MULKERN, Greenwire

One of the newest energy lobbyists claims he has the answer to climate change: spaceships.

The government has in its possession "extraterrestrial vehicles," lobbyist Stephen Bassett said, as in "flying saucers".

Imagine the power source, he said, behind a 30-foot wide saucer that weighs the same as a tractor-trailer yet hurtles through galaxies at 20,000 miles per hour.
"What is the energy system operating that craft?" Bassett said. "They're not burning kerosene."

He added, "It eliminates oil. It eliminates coal. If it's as good as we think it is, it transforms everything."

No more ozone hole or melting polar ice caps, Bassett said. And the price of electricity would drop to almost nothing.

Bassett believes this. Fervently.

He is working for free as a lobbyist, representing the Hawaii-based Exopolitics Institute, an educational organization which describes itself as "dedicated to studying the key actors, institutions and political processes associated with extraterrestrial life." Bassett said he is less lobbyist and more political activist.

"The UFO phenomenon is real," Bassett said. "The E.T. extraterrestrial presence is real."
Bassett's been lobbying about seven months, targeting the science and technology, and defense and aviation angles. He added energy to his portfolio in a Senate filing last week.
He has spoken to lawmakers in the past, Bassett said, but he's writing off lobbying Congress for now, calling the extraterrestrial issue "the third rail" of politics. Besides, he and other believers have a bigger name on their list.

"Knowing that Congress could not act," Bassett said, "what we did was focus on the executive branch, the White House."

Those who believe the truth is out there have been waiting for someone like President Obama to come clean about the government hiding information on extraterrestrials, Bassett said. Obama would be "sensitive to the concerns of the military intelligence community," Bassett said, plus he is popular worldwide, and he "has the intelligence to handle it."
Bassett and fellow believers during the presidential campaign launched the "Million Fax on Washington" and have been sending Obama faxes and e-mails and leaving voice mail messages asking him to admit that E.T. is real. Documents should be released. There should be congressional hearings. And that spaceship technology should be made available to the public.

Odds that this will happen are improving, Bassett said. Obama has friends backing a release of all information on extraterrestrials. Those friends include John Podesta, president and CEO of the progressive Center for American Progress.

"John has been supportive of efforts by groups who have pushed for government transparency," said John Neurohr, a Center for American Progress spokesman. "But he has not talked with President Obama about the issue."

One energy analyst said it is not surprising that among the great diversity of energy lobbyists there is one who wants to expose a UFO cover-up.
"I hope he's right. Wouldn't it be cool?" said Jerry Taylor, senior fellow and energy analyst with the libertarian Cato Institute. "Good luck to him. Hopefully, the magic energy machine will be coming our way shortly."

(Are we living in a Sci-Fi Movie? Our world is changing very fast! We better keep a close eye on this issue. It has the ability to change the world...or should I say our Universe? )

Monday, May 11, 2009

Extraterrestrials Used to Unite the World into the New Age Occult

“BuzzApollo 14 astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, the sixth man ever to walk on the moon, has a message for all citizens of Earth:

"We are not alone.”

Edgar D Mitchell says we are being visited and we are not alone. He states it is time and is demanding Obama to release the documents that prove this truth. So we can take our proper role in the planetary community. They are strongly insisting this be done ASAP and that they will put pressures on our government to do so. He states there is the extraterrestrial presence on earth now. He wants us to take our proper role as a spacefaring civilization.

This is the angle all the occultists are promoting. They say that the “Space Brothers” or “Aliens” are among us and that they will guide our planet into the next level of evolution.

Here is a doctrine of the occult saying who this aliens are:

The Esoteric Meaning of Lucifer

“There are comments on the World Wide Web claiming that the Lucis Trust was once called the Lucifer Trust. Such was never the case. However, for a brief period of two or three years in the early 1920’s, when Alice and Foster Bailey were beginning to publish the books published under her name, they named their fledgling publishing company “Lucifer Publishing Company”. By 1925 the name was changed to Lucis Publishing Company and has remained so ever since. Both “Lucifer” and “Lucis” come from the same word root, lucis being the Latin generative case meaning of light. The Baileys' reasons for choosing the original name are not known to us, but we can only surmise that they, like the great teacher H.P. Blavatsky, for whom they had enormous respect, sought to elicit a deeper understanding of the sacrifice made by Lucifer. Alice and Foster Bailey were serious students and teachers of Theosophy, a spiritual tradition which views Lucifer as one of the solar Angels, those advanced Beings Who Theosophy says descended (thus “the fall”) from Venus to our planet eons ago to bring the principle of mind to what was then animal-man. In the theosophical perspective, the descent of these solar Angels was not a fall into sin or disgrace but rather an act of great sacrifice, as is suggested in the name “Lucifer” which means light-bearer.”

This is the core belief of the occult. That Lucifer and his fallen angels are space Brothers or Aliens and that they are good and are guiding man through evolution. Through teachings of the new age given to spiritual leaders the world will become “awakened” and will call forth Lucifer and the other fallen angels (Aliens) to come forth and guide the planet into the Divine Plan of Lucifer’s. They are the space brothers or aliens. Aliens play a large role in the occult. What is concerning is Obama plans to open the UFO files for America. If he does this and there is "evidence" of aliens then the occult will come right in with their explanation of them. Many countries at this time are releasing their UFO files to the public. This is becoming a big issue now, so that tells me that we will be seeing their plans to use aliens coming soon. They will help unite the we can live in peace. The new age says some are already living among us, so does Benjamin Creme he says some of the "angels" or higher evolved "aliens" have begun to do work and have appeared to some already.

In the article in the Washington times it also talks about a person named Roger Leir and author and alien-implant researches says that multimillions have been abducted and some implanted with monitoring or control devices.

I find this an interesting concept as we are looking at the possibilities of all humans being required to have chips implanted to be monitored and recognized at all times. The “Internet of Things” needs this done to be put into place. If you are not familiar with that please look of the thread “IS This How the NWO Will Control Everyone-Internet of Things” on the I will try to simplify that thread into an article on this blog. I find it an interesting correlation between these two ideas.

Mr. Mitchell believes that there is a secret government that may be run by the military-industrial complex that is covering up this truth. This is again an interesting statement as he refers to the Powers that Be holding back the data. There is an outcry for this information to be released from the occult. I see this as a great step toward validating the occults claims and fooling the world in such a manner to embrace the occult doctrines because they will be presented by higher evolved extraterrestrials. This also includes a plan of one world order and spirituality.

Mr. Mitchell referred to us as universal beings. This also goes hand in hand with the occult. Barbara Marx Hubbard calls us Universal Humans. This is an occult term for our next level of evolution.

This is how the Extraterrestrial can and will be used in the implementation of Lucifer’s battle plan.

Here are some quotes from Maitreya’s website Share International regarding the Space Brothers.

Space Brothers

These are excerpts from Share International. This is the site that promotes Maitreya. This is just a peek into things the occult says regarding UFO and Space Brothers. The aliens are woven directly within the beliefs of the occult, because they are the advanced spirits that guide this planet - Lucifer and the fallen angels. The occult even teaches of Lucifer, just that he is good and misunderstood. The occult appears to plan to use the UFOs and aliens as part of their deception because that is who they say Lucifer is. He is a highly evolved enitity from another planet that sacrificed to come here and help the evolution of this planet.

“The growing number of sightings of UFOs or extraterrestrial craft worldwide is leading to an increasing demand for more openness on the part of governments and for objective investigation by the media. In addition, crop circles are also attracting media attention. Their spectacular design and extraordinary complexity, and the speed with which they are created, make it virtually impossible to dismiss them as man-made. According to Benjamin Creme’s information, both phenomena are the work of the Space Brothers, and are a sign of Maitreya’s imminent emergence”

“Important events are taking place in many parts of the world. People everywhere will be astonished by the reports. These will include sightings, in unprecedented numbers, of spacecraft from our neighbouring planets, Mars and Venus in particular. Nothing like this increased activity, over vast areas of the Earth, will have been seen before. Those who have steadfastly refused to take seriously the reality of this phenomenon will find it difficult to deny. More and more accounts of contact with the occupants of the spacecraft will add their testimony to the fact of their existence. Miraculous happenings of all kinds will continue and multiply in number and variety. The minds of men will be baffled and amazed by these wonders, and this will cause them to ponder deeply.
Into this wonder-filled, wondering world Maitreya will quietly enter and begin His open work. He will be asked to counter their doubts and fears, to explain these happenings and He will vouchsafe their validity. These extraordinary events will continue unabated and cause many to prophesy the ending of the world. Maitreya, however, will continue in His simple way and interpret differently these events.”

“Humanity has naively believed that they are the only ones in space. But there are others there, far advanced, who have always watched over us, teaching us not to kill, to respect others, and to learn to be happy and free. They have always protected humanity and they will not allow it to destroy itself by the exploitation of science in space. (Maitreya, Maitreya’s Teachings – The Laws of Life) “

“Solar energy – This is the energy of the new age – there will be no need for nuclear energy. The power of the sun will be used for heating, transportation and driving industry. The ‘Brothers’ are teaching the engineers how to store solar energy right now. (Maitreya, Maitreya’s Teachings – The Laws of Life) “

“The governments and the media of most countries have failed in their duty to educate and enlighten the masses. Much is known by many governmental agencies and withheld from the public. Above all, the harmlessness of the UFO, even when known, is never affirmed. On the contrary, everything concerning them, while wrapped in vague mystery, is presented as threat.

People in positions of power and control know that if their people knew the true nature of the UFO phenomenon, and understood them to be envoys from civilizations far ahead of ours, they would no longer accept, passive and mute, the conditions of life on Earth. They would demand that their leaders invite these aerial guests to land openly, and to teach us how to live and achieve in the same fashion.
The time is not far off when this will be the case. The time is coming when the true nature of life on planets other than Earth will be common knowledge. When men will begin to think of the Solar System as an interrelated whole, the planets at various points in evolution, but all working together to fulfil the Plan of the Solar Logos, and to help and sustain each other on the way. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, ‘The Path to the Sun’)”

“Maitreya will show you that the way to the stars is a feasible journey of enlightenment. He will show that the units of the one life manifest themselves throughout Cosmos; that until now this knowledge has been withheld from men but will provide a sure path for future generations to follow. Much depends, therefore, on men’s response to Maitreya’s guidance. Men have indeed the choice: to remain as men stunted in the growth of their magnificence, or to become what in Truth they are, veritable Gods. Maitreya is sure that men will respond from their hearts, and that He will guide them towards their Destiny. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The way to the stars’)

Unless one understands the reality of the etheric levels of energy as finer, subtler, levels of matter, one cannot begin to understand the UFO phenomenon, and one cannot understand the creation of crop circles – because they are all related. The crop circles are created by people, mainly from Mars and Venus, with a few exceptions from other planets. The vast majority of them are Martian, some Venusian, and they are all over the world. (Benjamin Creme, Share International September 2004)”

As you can see extraterrestrials play a major role in the occult teachings. It looks like we are in for quite an interesting time very soon. Obama declared he was going to open up the UFO records for all to see months ago. It will be very interesting when he does this and what are the ramifications of the data they hold.

Separate is Evil in the Occult: Holy Means to be Separate or Set Apart

The word Holy in Hebrew is “qadosh” which means separate or set apart.

The Only Evil taught by the New Age Occult is being a “Separatist”

In the occult the only real “sin” is to believe in sin and believe you are separate from God and the world. They say the wrong thinking or belief that you are separate from God is what Satan or Devil means in the scriptures. Being a separatist means that you believe that you are not God and that there is a God that judges you and therefore you believe sin exists. They say there is no separation between God and you for you are God. If you accept this you are called God-centered. Being separatist is evil. They say that we exist in an illusion of separation, that to break the illusion and save the world we must realize we are God. If you are not willing to embrace this idea you are selfish and need to be cleansed from the earth.

Here are just a few quotes from some very well known and respected Occultists:

John Randolph Price, founder of the Quartus Foundation an international non-profit organization currently headquartered in Boerne, Texas near. In his book, "The Planetary Commission", he lays out the blueprint for humanity to take its "quantum leap" into the golden New Age, where "mankind will return to Godkind" He and his wife Jan were the originators of World Healing Day that began on December 31, 1986, with over 500-million participants world wide, and the event has continued each year on the same date. They participate in a World Healing Meditation.

In recognition of their work, they were presented the Light of God Expressing Award by the Association of Unity Churches in 1986. He is an author of eighteen occult books.

“As John Price says, "You are a spiritual being embodying all of the Power of the Universe within you. Will you not accept the Truth and start living as the Light of the world that you are? The Dawn is is time to awaken to your Inheritance."

"Every spiritual group must rise above competitive attitudes and join together in a spirit of cooperation for world healing... No conflict of philosophies should keep us from supporting one another in this endeavor."

"The God who is to save mankind, if it is to be saved, is the divine potential within humanity itself, the celestial spark within each individual... There isn't much doubt any longer that this Universe is designed as a dwelling place for a race of gods." John Randolph Price, "The Quartus Report", Quartus Foundation, Austin Texas, 1986, vol. V no. 8, p. 8

"The Super Beings" by John Price page 1:
"The revolution has begun. It started more than one hundred years ago, but now the pace is quickening. Throughout the world, men and women are joining in the uprising and are coming forward to be counted as part of a new race that will someday rule the universe."

“This Aquarian Age will open its arms of welcome to all who embrace its new theology. However, those who take Jesus at his word when he said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me" (John 14:6) will need to experience a "cleansing" because of their self-centered, separatist ideas.” (p. 113)

As you can see from what John Randolph Price says there is a revolution taking place, the goal of which is to rule the universe. This war has started in the pre-mortal world but the influence on the world has taken hold in the last 100 years. Lucifer’s plan is coming to its fruition. Those that will not embrace the divine within and accept that they are God need to be cleansed off the earth because of their self-centered, separatist ideas. The belief in a God separate from ourselves is the greatest evil in the eyes of the Occult.

Dr. Barbara Marx Hubbard President of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. In 1984 her name was placed in nomination for the Vice Presidency of the United States (along with Geraldine Ferraro) on the Democratic ticket. Barbara co-founded several major organizations including the World Future Society and the Global Association for New Thought. She is now producing a seven part documentary series entitled “Humanity Ascending: A New Way through Together. She is considered one of the leading futurists. She works closely with Marianne Williamson and Neale Donald Walsh.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, "Manual for Co-Creators of the Quantum Leap", pp. 55-57
"Humanity will not be able to make the transition from Earth-only to universal life until the chaff has been separated from the wheat. The great reaper must reap before we can take the quantum leap to the next phase of evolution. No worldly peace can prevail until the self-centered members of the planetary body either change or die. That is the choice. The red horse is the destruction during the birth process of those who refuse to be born into God-centered, universal life...
This act is as horrible as killing a cancer cell. It must be done for the sake of the future of the whole. So be it: be prepared for the selection process which is now beginning. The second seal revealed a red horse ridden by the one with the power to take peace from the Earth. It stands for the necessity of the selection process which shall rip apart the old order and destroy those who choose to remain self-centered remnants of the past."

Ibid, p. 60-61
"We, the elders, have been patiently waiting until the very last moment before the quantum transformation, to take action to cut out this corrupted and corrupting element in the body of humanity. It is like watching a cancer grow; something must be done before the whole body is destroyed...the self-centered members must be destroyed. There is no alternative. Only the God-centered can evolve.
Fortunately you, dearly beloveds, are not responsible for this act. We are. We are in charge of God's selection process for planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death. We will use whatever means we must to make this act of destruction as quick and painless as possible to the one-half of the world who are capable of evolving...
Now everything is global and connected. Each person is about to inherit the power of destruction and co-creation. The inner voice, the higher self, each person's own connection to God -- independent of priest, text, church or mentor -- must be heard directly...

Those of you who know what is happening -- the one-fourth who are now listening to the higher self -- are to be guides for the rest who will be panicked and confused."

Therefore what Barbsra is saying is all those that believe in a God separate from themselves must be cleansed off the earth. They either join the new age or die. Being a separatist is the one evil that must be destroyed for the earth to evolve.

We are seeing the prophetic scripture that says good will be called evil and evil good.

To be Holy is to be “Separate”.

The word Holy in Hebrew is “qadosh” which means separate or set apart. So what is evil to the Occult is to be Holy. The Holy are their tares and they consider themselves the wheat.

We are told to be separate from the world very clearly in the scriptures and from the Prophets. The word Holy means separate or set apart therefore what is evil to the new age occult is to be Holy or separate or set apart.

We now are living during the time when the "world" is promoting "oneness" with the world. We are being told to be one with the world but in the scriptures we are told not to be one with the world.

This is an internet search for the Hebrew definition of Holy.

“The words "holy" or "sanctify" are often interpreted to mean "righteous" or "pure" or something similar. But the basic concept of the word qadosh and its related words is that of "apartness" and "distinction." Each of the nouns, adjectives and verbs from this root express these ideas with a view to a specific purpose or limitation. A survey of the way the words are used will help solidify the concept of holiness used in the Bible.
”(the word holy used in the scripture in different places) “but they have this common theme of separation or apartness.

So to be holy is: apartness, distinction, separateness. These are all things that the new age blurs and fights against.

Distinction: distinguishing of a difference without distinction as to race, sex, or religion. (the new age teaches the belief in reincarnation into male or female, different races and that all religions are ok as long as they support the idea of oneness. They blur all distinctions in the world. An example is their backing gay marriage and the great push for tolerance of all that is immoral.

Apartness: SEPARATE, ISOLATED (This is not allowed within the new age. We are all to be interconnected with the world and each other. They teach that this is the way it is and those that do not embrace and see it are not enlighten and are a lower spiritually.)

As LDS we know we are to be One with Christ, Father and be One as Saints, and not to unify with the world and be one with them. But we are told to be separate from the world.

We are set apart when we are given the Holy Ghost. We are told not to be one with the world. We are told to become one with Father and not one with the world. The meaning of this in scriptures is so much deeper then what it appears to is literal. We are to not join Lucifer in embracing oneness with everyone and the world; we are to be separate (set apart). We are the Lords. We take on the name of Jesus Christ. The new age says we are not to be separate and that separatists are evil selfish people and they need to be cleansed from the earth. If we change the word to Holy or set apart instead of separate we can very clearly see what they really are saying: Those that are Holy and set-apart are evil.

So the Holy people are a cancer on the earth that needs to be cleansed off. Separatists are defined as the monotheistic religions and the followers that will not accept their own divinity and refuse to let go of this selfish evil belief in a God that judge’s humanity.

We are set apart for Father so we cannot be Lucifer’s. There will be only two religions left: Fathers and Lucifer’s; both have covenants. Those that are true followers of Christ in heart, deed and covenant are separated and set apart. Lucifer does something similar, as we are told in the scriptures, regarding oaths of the secret combination. We are either set apart for Christ or we join Lucifer in his rebellion.

Things get so clear when you see the two plans, Father’s and Lucifer’s, side by side. It is always amazing to me how incredible the Gospel is and how fortunate we are to be set apart as followers of Christ in this last dispensation of the fullness of times. It is amazing to watch prophecy come to be and see the true distinction between the two plans in Heaven being played out on earth today as we are told they are. The war of the two plans still rages. The core of it is Pride and Humility. Selfishness and Selflessness, "My will not Thine" or "Thy will not mine". That is the key to safety is to be humble and seek the Lords will in all things and selflessly submitting therefore being His "set apart", separate from the world.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who is the Head of the Conspiracy?

I believe the head that controls the one-world conspiracy is the spiritual side. They are the ones that commune with Lucifer and he directs them in all areas including the political conspiracy. If you look at it this way: Lucifer had a "spiritual" Plan he demanded in the pre-mortal world. That plan was spiritual and he would bring it about via Politics, education, economics etc. The real conspiracy is the Spiritual for it is the one that calls all the shots for the rest. The elite do not come up with these ideas themselves; they are told what to do by Lucifer.

When you start connecting the dots, the Plan of Salvation and what the occultists call the “Divine Plan” of Lucifer’s you can really see we are battling the War in Heaven on earth today. It is far broader, dangerous and more powerful than we originally thought. The PTB are happy if we only focus on the political, but the Spiritual side is where you find the heart of the plans.

We are in the same battle in heaven on Earth today. I have referred to the conspiracy having two sides, though I believe they are one and the head is the spiritual. The reason I say two sides has only been because the political side does not clearly show its spirituality, though they are occultists in secret. Now we are at a time when we see them no longer hiding the fact they are occultists; they are starting to admit it openly. Occultist are in all the strategic positions around the world; they were called to be there.

The occult kept everything secret by oaths. Now they can teach much publicly that they could not before. It has been passed down since the beginning of time, since Cain. When you see the core of the new age (the occult) you find the core of the political movements we have been fighting.

Once you have that full view of things then you can very clearly see what is really going on. It is a battle between the two plans. Since the war in Heaven was fought and so many were lost. Lucifer’s argument and points must have made sense to many then. Lucifer promised not one soul would be lost. Ponder how he accomplished such a feat as this. How could he guarantee not one soul would be lost? There would have to be no sin. In pondering that question ponder what gives us our free agency? The key is to know what Lucifer’s plan was in the pre-mortal world in order to recognize it on Earth. Once it was rejected, Lucifer had two choices: to submit his will to Father and have faith in Father and His plan or believe he was right and knew better then Father and to fight Him. He chose the latter. So what we see on earth today is Lucifer's Plan, which he believes is the right one for mankind. Now we again get to decide if we follow Father with Faith or disagree with Father and follow our own will, therefore following Lucifer’s example and following him and his Plan. At this time Lucifer’s plan is no longer being taught in secret for the world is wicked enough to have it taught in the open, at least major portions.

Pride and Humility, Selfishness and Selflessness, "My will not Thine" vs. "Thy will not mine". These are the core of the battle we fight.

Lucifer is the example of Pride, selfishness and "My will not Thine" where Christ is the example of Humility, Selflessness and "Thy will not mine". This is why Pride in all of its forms must be purged from our souls and in its place established humility and complete submission to Fathers will.

Lucifer’s pride was so great that even though his idea for a plan for mankind was rejected, he still fights for it to be put in place. He fights to be the “Christ” of this planet and wants to usurp and overthrow Father and get His honor. All of this is just a means by which Lucifer is trying to implement his whole plan. Whether he thinks he can win or not does not matter, his goals are the same: to win souls over to his plan and to stop souls from following Father.

The new age teaches man’s will, and that we can reach Godhood via man's own doing, focusing on the “divine within” and then changing the world with that knowledge of our divinity. The new age teaches you are ‘Christ” there is no need for a Savior for there is no sin. Salvation comes from man. This is Total pride.

Heavenly Fathers plan is focused on Fathers will and allowing the agency of man to chose good from evil. (Choosing your will is evil while Father's will is good) Salvation comes from Christ’s atonement, repentance and setting aside our own ways (our will) to follow Christ's ways in all things. Salvation comes from Christ. This is Total humility.

When people start believing in the new age doctrines they are taught to stay active in their churches, for all paths lead to God. They feel they are just more enlightened then those around them. Some just abandon their Churches while others stay to help guide people on the “true” path.

It is very revealing when you realized what a big player Oprah is in the Occult and connect her backing of Obama. I watched a show on CNN that did some kind of study about 2 years prior to the elections. They were talking about Oprah’s power. They said if she backed Hillary then Hillary would most likely win. They explained Oprah’s mass influence. So when she did not back Hillary as once thought and she chose Obama I knew he was most likely going to win. She did not just back him, she campaigned for him. This drew even more people to Obama. He was more in line with what Oprah believes then Hillary, which is scary because Hillary is into the new age stuff also. She has had some of the top new agers come to Camp David and train them while they were in the White House. Hillary was channeling Eleanor Roosevelt; an occultist taught her how to do it. They say it was just an exercise and not true channeling, but I really wonder. So Hillary was involved in the occult things yet they chose Obama.

All the top Occultists were calling for Obama to win. They had all their followers visualizing his win. They told everyone to manifest him into office. So why was he their guy? Neale Donald Walsh said if Obama gets elected that he will be the first domino toward the world that they want, which is a one world government ain which their spirituality will be the only one allowed. They knew things about him that we did not know. The amount of praise and total commitment to Obama from the Occult was terrifying. I have never seen such a thing as this before. They were calling for him to be President in unison. They have given support to liberal politicians before, but this was different. They said he would “change” things. Barbara Marx Hubbard after the election said the planet has gone through the Shift. This is a powerful statement when you understand what that means. They have been waiting with baited breath for the shift to take place. The Shift is when the tables tilt to their side. That there are enough people on the planet that believe the way they do to change the world. There is more to it, but that is the basic principle.

Many politicians are occultists. Dennis Kusenich works hand in hand with the very top occultist. Neale Donald Walsh, Marianne Williamson and Barbara Marx Hubbard work together for political change.

What most people do not know is the new agers are told to be political activists! They are told what to support and how to support it in order to bring about the desired change in the world. All of Obama’s campaign stuff was straight out of the occult.

The media always put halos around his head in images…why? Because the media are also occultists. Some even wrote about him and used occult terms. The media is full of new age occultists. We sometimes just think they are the leftover hippies, some are but the Hippy movement was occult. What they got into then was the occult. But what they are doing now is more advanced and they have trained the younger generations in their ways.

The new age ideas are very dangerous because they have two parts. They are the top that is controlling what is going on and they have created a huge international grass roots movement that is powerful and effects all elections and gives support to all the agendas of the new age.

So we now have a great army of new age political activists all over the globe. They run counter to all our beliefs. What is very sad is the new age teachings have tricked some members of our own Church. The new age is not this sweet loving philosophy it appears to be on the serface; it is dangerous to the core. They do intend to eliminate all those that disagree with them. They even wrote that all nuclear missiles should be gathered by the UN and then the UN can use them against any country or nation or religious sect that will not fall in line with the New world order. So these same peace activists that want disarmament really want the control given to the UN. They imply it is to never use the power, but the occult says that is not its true agenda.

So as you can see, who is the more likely to be in control?

Ayurveda Occult?

Ayurveda is becoming a popular means of alterative medicine. Many in the Church are trying it out to see if it has holistic healing abilities. I am sure it does, yet not from the right side.

These are two quite good articles on Ayurveda that put it in its true perspective.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi the founder of TM and the spiritual guru of the Beatles is a key player in making this form of healing popular and bringing it to the public.

Deepak Chopra a leading occultist who uses this in his practice and is one of its primary promoters. It is not based on typical understandings of science. It is based on the power of the “Divine Within” and “Self-Realization” “God Within” “I am God” to cure illnesses.

Ayurveda is also known as the “Mother of Healings”.

It is also said to have come from Ancient wisdom in which it was part of a spiritual tradition or “Universal Religion” before it was written down in texts.

“The knowledge of Ayurveda is believed to be of Divine origin and was communicated to the saints and sages of India who received its wisdom through deep meditation.”

The occult teaches that there has always been a “Universal Religion” or “Ancient Wisdom” (the Occult) since the beginning of time that the information is acquired via meditation and through initiations from Master to Pupil with secret oaths. This is not wisdom from Father but is said by occultists to be the wisdom of the “Masters of Wisdom” which they say includes Lucifer as the God of this planet. These Ascended Masters are the great teachers of man. They are also called angels and they say they fell to earth to help mankind evolve. We know them better as demons.

Deepak Chopra teaches all the occult doctrines and is close friends with the rest of the leading occultists of today.

If you want more information on Deepak Chopra and the other occultist beliefs I have written quite a bit on my blog about him and one of his many movements called I take the vow. “The Spiritual Conspiracy and I Take the Vow” If you read that full article it will put in perspective their ultimate goals for a one world order and religion, including their admitting that Lucifer is the one to give the final initiation into the new age.

I would stay far away from Ayurveda due to all of its history and the fact that the occult promotes it heavily. From what I have seen it does not merely contain occult ideas, but is occult at its core.

Spiritual Experiences From Christ or Lucifer

Spiritual experiences come from two sources. Lucifer or Christ. Where the deception comes in is where we are told we can have them on our own.

All the great prophets listed were shown things by God. There are only two paths to walk. Elder Featherstone gave me this example.

There was a good man that was out in a field one day when Lucifer came and talked with him. Lucifer asked him if he was sure the book of Mormon was true. He said yes it was true. Lucifer then challenged him to go back and read the book of Mormon again. The man did that night. He read the Book of Mormon all the way through and felt nothing. He felt no truth; it was empty to him. This greatly concerned the man, so he got on his knees and talked to God. God told him to read the book again but this time He would take him through it instead of Lucifer. As the man read the pages of the book of Mormon this time with the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost testified of its truthfulness. He was full of joy and faith for he sought the Lord's will and not his own understandings. He was not aware it was Lucifer that was taking him through the book of Mormon the first time, but he had the faith to turn to God for the answers why. He could have just concluded it was false. The next day he was called to be a stake president over a vast area in Canada. He was almost tricked out of his faith from Lucifer. Lucifer knows that if the Holy Ghost is not there, he is. For there are only two sides that prompt us and guide us. We are not left to our own devises. Lucifer is now teaching that all truth is inside ourselves, for we are “gods”. This is his great lie and deception. As the GAs told me this would play a huge role in the separation of the wheat and tares in the church.

We are either inspired by Lucifer or God. There is no middle ground we get to walk. Once we revolt or go against anything that comes from Father we are now under Lucifer’s control. This can be even very small things in our daily lives.

We all have the right to ask Father to show us things in vision and give us revelations, but we also need to accept that if He chooses not to, that is His answer. We are not then to seek out other means of spiritual experiences outside of Him. I would be the last person to ever say that the Lord does not use visions, revelations etc to teach us for I testify He does. Yet I am the first to say Lucifer can mimic all spiritual gifts. The only way to safeguard yourself is to never focus on your own will, but only focus on doing the will of Father. Seek not your own understanding but seek the Lord's in all things. If we are to be like Him, we are to be teachable by Him, not prideful and self seeking.

There are no spiritual experiences controlled by oneself. They come from one power or the other. Lucifer wants us to believe we have the power within or the "divine within" to reach spiritual states without Father. It is one or the other that give us these experiences. We are to learn from Father what we want to know, not go to Lucifer.

Those that follow Lucifer use meditation and explain how it works. It is to gain inspiration from Lucifer and his spirit guides. Father has many other ways to show us these things. The “Divine within” and meditation bring out the self-focused parts of us, our pride. We are to be humble and submit our will to Father in all things. We are not to find paths around Father for our own means. We either rely on Father completely or we are relying on Lucifer to fill in our perceived missing gaps.

Again as I have said the church has never promoted the popular definition of meditation as a way to get close to Father or to gain insights. This is telling in itself. I know where they stand on this matter from meeting with them. But it is not necessary to have had to hear their opinions on this matter as it is not in the scriptures nor ever taught. If it was an approved path of gaining spiritual knowledge it would be taught in our Church and it is not. But it is taught in Lucifer’s spirituality as a means to reach him and his spirit guides and their promptings and information. Books on the subject are not sold in LDS bookstores but are sold in occult book stores and now in all major book chains.

In verifying the accuracy of the book of Mormon, what are we taught is to take it to the Lord with our questions and that the Holy Ghost will cause a burning in the bosom as a witness. We are not told to seek answers regarding its truth in other ways. This is how we are to seek truth in all things. We are to take all things to the Lord and seek His guidance. We are not to find answers by tapping into some great source of knowledge of the universe via meditation. We are lied to when we are told that it is a neutral universal power we tap into. It is not neutral. There are only two sides that teach us - Father and Lucifer. We cannot gain spiritual insights on our own. It is either The Holy Ghost teaches us or Lucifer and his followers do.

Elder Bednar said:

"In this regard, you and I are much like the long, thin strands of glass used to create the fiber-optic cables through which light signals are transmitted over very long distances. Just as the glass in these cables must be pure to conduct the light efficiently and effectively, so we should become and remain worthy conduits through whom the Spirit of the Lord can operate.

But brothers and sisters, we must be careful to remember in our service that we are conduits and channels; we are not the light. "For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you" (Matthew 10:20). It is never about me and it is never about you. In fact, anything you or I do as an instructor that knowingly and intentionally draws attention to self-in the messages we present, in the methods we use, or in our personal demeanor-is a form of priestcraft that inhibits the teaching effectiveness of the Holy Ghost. "Doth he preach it by the Spirit of truth or some other way? And if it be by some other way it is not of God" (D&C 50:17-18)."

"SEEK LEARNING BY FAITH" Address to CES Religious Educators February 3, 2006 Jordan Institute of Religion)

We can be inspired by either side. Great miracles are performed and cunning words used to entice our itching ears. But it boils down to only two sources or power; we do not have power on our own. We just get to choose for whom we are a conduit.

Astral Projection an Occult Teaching

Astral projection is part of the occult. We are not to seek out leaving our bodies to gain greater spiritual truths, the Lord will show us things as He feels appropriate for our growth and righteousness. We are not to seek out spiritual experience outside of Father and the Holy Ghost.

The practice of Astral projection is held in the deep occult. The Theosophists that say Lucifer is the God of this planet are the primary teachers of this practice. They are the root or origin of the new age movement. Helena Blavatsky is called the mother of the New Age Movement; she is a Theosophist/Occultist.

This is an overview from Wikipedia under Astral projection and Akashic records showing that Astral projection is part of the occult doctrines. I have just quoted some of what they say. I have many other sources but this is a good quick explanation.

“In occult traditions, practices range from inducing trance states to the mental construction of a second body, called the Body of Light in Aleister Crowley's writings, through visualization and controlled breathing, followed by the transfer of consciousness to the secondary body by a mental act of will.

Astral projection (or astral travel) refers to episodes of out-of-body experiences perceived as unfolding in environments other than the physical world, by an astral counterpart of the physical body that separates from it and travels to one or more astral planes. Astral projection is experienced as being "out of the body". Unlike dreaming or near death experiences, astral projection may be practiced deliberately.

Astral projection or travel denotes the astral body or double leaving the physical body to travel in the astral plane. According to classical, medieval, renaissance Neoplatonist, later Theosophist and Rosicrucian philosophy, the astral body is an intermediate body of light linking the rational soul to the physical body, and the astral plane is an intermediate world of light between Heaven and Earth composed of the spheres of the planets and stars. These astral spheres were held to be populated by gods, angels, demons and spirits.

The common belief is that the subtle body is attached to the physical body by means of a psychic silver cord.

The akashic records (akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning "sky", "space" or "aether") is a term used in theosophy (and Anthroposophy) to describe a compendium of mystical knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. These records are described to contain all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos. They are metaphorically described as a library and other analogues commonly found in discourse on the subject include a 'universal computer' and the 'Mind of God'. Descriptions of the records assert that they are constantly updated and that they can be accessed through astral projection. The concept originated in the theosophical movements of the 19th century, and remains prevalent in New Age discourse.

The records have been referred to by different names: the cosmic mind, the universal mind, the collective unconscious, or the collective subconscious. Others think the Akashic records make clairvoyance and psychic perception possible.

It is believed by philosophists, trained psychics, mystics, and Reiki practitioners that the events recorded upon that Akasha can be ascertained or read in certain states of consciousness. Such states of consciousness can be induced by certain stages of sleep, weakness, illness, drugs, and meditation so not only mystics but ordinary people can and do perceive the Akashic records. Some mystics claim to be able to reanimate their contents as if they were turning on a celestial television set. Yogis also believe that these records can be perceived in certain psychic states.”

Theosophy is one of the primary teachers of the Akashic records. It is the counterfeit of the Book of Life. Theosophists Annie Besant, Alice Bailey and Madam Helena Pertovna Blavatsky, all participated and believed in the Akashic records. Astral projection can be used just to take a tour of the world without your body, but the real reason it is used is to reach the Akashic Records for greater enlightenment.

When you leave your body to Astral project you are leaving you body in a very similar form as when you are channeling entities. The descriptions of the experiences are quite often very close to the same.

I have a dear friend, who prior to his conversion to the LDS faith Astral projected regularly. I was friends with him at the time and was not LDS either. He could leave his body, walk around his room, leave his house and visit places and witness things that could later be verified. On one occasion when he was doing this, he came back to his body and found it nearly impossible to re-enter. He had to fight off another entity that was attempting to take over his body. He had to battle for control of his own body for quite a while, hearing horrible growling sounds. He said it was one of the scariest things that every had happened to him. He at the time had no belief in demons and only thought he was using powers that he possessed in himself as many books he had read told him. He felt it was just a natural extension of his spiritual abilities. After this experience he never Astral projected again and he also started to check into Christianity. He later joined the LDS church when I testified to him of the truth of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Astral projection is something that we are not to participate in. This is not something from which we gain any Divine knowledge. It is done through meditation and leaves us open for demonic possession. This is not an approved practice for LDS; it is part of the occult and not our faith. I shared my friend’s story with the GAs and they agreed that this was not a practice we were to dabble in. There are no spiritual references that support this as an accepted activity. If the Lord chooses to show us things or take our Spirit somewhere it is by His will, not ours. This activity has nothing to do with the Lords will or His teachings but it is based solely on our own will. Its roots are completely in the Occult.

People take it very serious even though it sounds crazy to many. The world is embracing these ideas and our government even worked on it with a Remote viewing project. It is reported that it was tested and attempted to be used for spying. Remote viewing, astral projections and lucid dreaming all fall within pretty much the same category. Just with slight differences, but they all have similar experience, effects and processes to attain the same results. Unfortunately I have met quite a few members of our Church that practice one or all of these. If we track back the sources and promoters of these activities it always goes back to theosophy/occult. They are the founders of the new age movement and are the ones that clearly in all there writings are promoting a New World Order and say Lucifer is the God of the planet. These are encouraged practices of theirs.

This is a pretty good article that is pro-astral projection/remote viewing/Lucid dreaming. It gives some good history of the different ways and different theories the occultist authors believe. If you read it you see things like visualization or affirmations. It is easy for some to just focus on a topic without the history and think it in itself is ok to do. But when you put it into context you find what it really is. Again I stress this is not an accepted practice within our Church but is a large part of the occult.

Beatles New Age Occultists?

Beatles raising funds to teach meditation to millions of children

"The surviving members of the Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, will perform at a concert on Saturday to raise funds to help children learn a meditation technique McCartney said helped stabilize the band at the height of its fame.
McCartney and Starr will perform separate sets at the "Change Begins Within" concert for the David Lynch Foundation, which helps people learn Transcendental Meditation.

The Beatles helped popularize Transcendental Meditation -- described as a simple mental technique that combats stress -- in 1967 when they sought spiritual guidance from an Indian guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

“The concert is intended to raise funds toward the foundation's goal of helping a million children learn to meditate.”"

From Wikipedia:

Transcendental Meditation, or TM, is a meditation technique created in 1958 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1917-2008).

Transcendental Meditation technique does not require faith, belief, or a change in lifestyle to be effective as a relaxation technique. Maharishi called the Transcendental Meditation technique "a path to God," and the Transcendental Meditation technique has been described as "spiritual" but not religious, and as a coping strategy for life.

Transcendental Meditation teaching centers

In the early 1970s, Maharishi undertook to establish one Transcendental Meditation teaching center for each million of the world's population, which at that time would have meant 3,600 Transcendental Meditation centers throughout the world. Initially the TM technique had been taught individually as a basic technique, but later various other techniques became available. For example, in 1975, Maharishi began teaching advanced mental techniques such as the TM-Sidhi Program, that included a technique for the development of what he termed Yogic Flying.

Global Country of World Peace

In 1990, Maharishi began the coordination of the teaching of the Transcendental Meditation technique from the town of Vlodrop, the Netherlands, through an organization he called the Global Country of World Peace. This group reports that more than 6 million people worldwide have learned the Transcendental Meditation technique since its introduction.

Maharishi's ban on teaching TM in the UK

In 2004 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi directed his followers at the Maharishi village at Skelmersdale, Lancashire to meditate with the aim of influencing the British electorate into overturning the Labour government. The day after Tony Blair's Labour Party won reelection in May 2005 despite these efforts, the Maharishi ordered that all instruction in TM cease in the UK, The ban was lifted in August 2007, two months after Blair resigned as Prime Minister.
Transcendental Meditation is showing up in elementary school classrooms. Teachers have students use the practice between classes to help quiet their minds. They are creating programs across the country in public schools. Washington DC, Chicago and others towns. David Lynch’s goal is to raise 6 billion to teach children meditation. I ask why is this soooo important??? I know why I think.....

Notice how he uses his followers to change politics....that is what they do. Occutlists are spiritual-political activists. They are all told to be involved in politics.

This is a very good report to listen to regarding to what is happening with meditation in schools.

There is one school that I bumped into called Namaste Charter School in Chicago. That is a year round school that the children go to school 3 months off one month all year long. The school day is 7 ½ hours long the feed the children breakfast and lunch. They do this to ensure the children receive the right amount of nutrition. (what about parents??? I guess they play no role in their children lives anymore....)They also do yoga and meditation. I think we will see more and more schools like this. They are wanting expanded days and holistic teachings. When you know what the beliefs are behind these things it is very concerning.

Prayer has been taken out of public schools but Meditation is allowed to be taught in schools in spite the fact it comes from Hinduism and the Occult. There are a lot of efforts going into training children to meditate. Public schools are starting to teach meditation and yoga, even though these practices come from religious backgrounds. Prayer is unacceptable but mediation and yoga are good.... It will be interesting to see how many schools start teaching this in the near future. There is a huge movement trying to get it into schools. Somewhere I have a link to a video on a Chicago school that is using meditation all day long with the children in their school. If I find it I will post it.

David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace

Description The David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace was founded in July 2005 to provide scholarships for school-wide Transcendental Meditation programs in public, charter, and private schools throughout the United States and around the world, and to provide funds for universities and research institutions to assess the effects of the program on creativity, intelligence, academic performance, ADHD and other learning disorders, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, etc.

Contact Post Office Box 93158
Hollywood, CA 90093
Phone: 323-874-2467
Fax: 641-472-1165


Website (link opens in a new window)

Quote from site:

"Is TM a spiritual practice?
No, if you use “spiritual” in the sense of a religious practice. But yes, if you define “spiritual” as the nonreligious, holistic development of mind, body, emotions, and sense of self. In the latter case, the TM technique is a deeply healthy and satisfying spiritual practice."

The occult always says it is not religious, it is spiritual. All the occult leaders say they are not religious, they are spiritual. What they describe here is the definition of the occult. So TM is spiritual and is being put into our Public schools......

John Lennon

The song Imagine is part of the new age whole big picture. It is a song for the conspiracy’s religious arm the Occult.

It is documented he was involved with to some degree Alistair Crowley the Satanist. It is said Alistair Crowley was pictured on one of his albums.

The song Imagine was listed as the third greatest song of all time by Rollin’ Stone Magazine. John Lennon is the only artist to place multiple songs in the top 10 (as a member of the Beatles and as a solo artist).

From what I have learned regarding John Lennon he rejected Christianity and turned to the Occult. Yoko Ono was an Occultist.

Small point: John Lennon gave the devil symbol on the album yellow submarine.

The sixties was an attempt to bring occult teachings to the masses. The sixties occult doctrines never went away, it just worked behind the seems some of the ex-hippies have openly stated like “Marianne Williamson” that they tried to force it in the 60’s then since it did not turn out the way the had planned, they decided to go into the positions to make it happen. That is why we are seeing the resurgence of it now. The liberals/occults of today are the hippies of the 60’s that are in power now. It is their time to rule and bring to pass what as youths they tried to do.

John Lennon was into eastern philosophies of the occult, he studied under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. They followed Astrology, all aspects of the occult. It is said he even studied Helena Blavatsky, which I believe to be accurate based on his knowledge of the conspiracy. Blavatsky is considered the mother of the new age. The Secret Doctrine of the occult was only taught master to pupil with secret oaths (secret initiations). She is the first to document portions of them into books and bring them to western civilization.
It is through her books and the persons that continued her work where you find out the Divine Plan of Lucifer.

The song is occult with doctrines written in the words. This was John Lennon’s and Yoko Ono beliefs.

I am quoting with concepts that the occult has written down and promotes.

Imagine there's no Heaven (heaven only exist inside yourself, it is the inner realm of consciousness)

It's easy if you try (you go into a meditation state or yoga state of altered consciousness and experience the awakening, where you feel at one with everything)

No hell below us (there is no devil/Satan or hell, but there is Lucifer the light bearer, who is good)

Above us only sky (no heaven with a God, no God that judges us, No Father)

Imagine all the people (the world)

Living for today (living in the now as Eckart Tolle, Marianne Williamson all Spiritual/ Occult leaders now teach that are selling millions and millions of books)

Imagine there's no countries (one world order, no sovereign countries left, any that are unwilling to join will have nuclear weapons threaten or used against them including religious groups)

It isn't hard to do (it is an easy path, thousand paths to God, no sin, you realize this through meditation and yoga)

Nothing to kill or die for (religion is the reason for all wars and useless killing, belief in God separate from you is the root of all evil, this goes counter to Christ saying giving your life for a friend....)

And no religion too (religion is planned to be banned, Occult spirituality replaces it, those that want to keep their religions must be removed/killed off the planet, and sent to another kindergarten dimension, where they can learn to live as one, but they will not be allowed to reincarnate on this planet anymore, for it will evolve without them )

Imagine all the people

Living life in peace (living under Lucifer’s Plan of Peace they call the Divine Plan that has existed since the beginning, but has not successfully been place on earth yet, the Masters of Wisdom the fallen angels guide the planet’s evolution to finally get this plan implemented, they feel we have now experienced the shift, the powers have tilted to their side and their plan will come to be very quickly now)

You may say that I'm a dreamer (sounds to good to be true, it sounds farfetched but he know it does exist and he tells you he is not alone, he knows the plan, for he studied Blavatsky and others, he very well may have gone through the intitiations)

But I'm not the only one ( He knew of the plan, the occultist/initiates called for new world servers to prepare the world for a one world order and one world spiritual religion, and destroy all existing religions and infiltrate all places of influence, politics, science, schools etc…)

I hope someday you'll join us ( become awakened, enlightened and join the plan of peace Lucifer is offering, take the Luciferic initiations and the mark of the beast what ever form that is when that is implemented)

And the world will be as one ( One world government and religion under Lucifer, as the scriptures say be not of the world, be not one with the world)

Imagine no possessions (everything is shared, no individual property)

I wonder if you can (that is a challenge, are you good enough, spiritual enough to get this??? They use that all the time, are you enlightened? Can you see the higher laws that others can not? Are you special?)

No need for greed or hunger (world food, water authority and redistribution of wealth)

A brotherhood of man (worship of man not God)

Imagine all the people

Sharing all the world (one world everything)

You may say that I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one

I hope someday you'll join us

And the world will live as one ( the world will become as one once the people transform their inner heaven then the outer follows, “A new heaven” emerges from the transformation of the individuals human consciousness. This is part of the spiritual evolution. So in other words you except you are “god” you will the existence of world peace via the Law of Attraction using meditation to evoke the powers of Lucifer to come forth with his One world order, for he is not allowed to usurp the free agency of man but can come forth if called by man. They have a great invocation they use during meditations to bring forth Lucifer’s reign. This is all documented and easily accessed.

This is more than political it is both spiritual and political. It is Lucifer’s Plan from the Pre-mortal existence. That he is still trying to get on earth.

Basic beliefs of the “Divine Plan” which is what the Occultists call it and say it is from Lucifer:

No sin

Only evil or sin is the belief that you are not “God”

Separation is the wrong idea that there is a God that judges you and you need to answer to and submit your will to. You are free there are no moral rules.

You are “God” therefore you can not sin

Heaven is inside you

We are to live in a one world order and spirituality under Lucifer

Reincarnation is a core belief,

Law of Attracting and Law of Intention, the willing of selfish desires over Father's will. The attitude Lucifer has is "my will not Thine", It should be "Thy will not mine Father", as Christ taught. Satan tempted Christ and Moses with this principle by offering them the world.

Evolution is the combination of reincarnations and the big bang, we are going through a transformation, a paradigm shift at this time to a universal human.

Lucifer and other Angels that are already evolved came to this earth to help the evolution of the planet earth and all the inhabitants. They are also called space brothers or Aliens.

The final initiation is with Lucifer

You must reach an understanding of your connectedness with the whole, your intrinsic oneness with every other as well as with the Source.

There is much much more…..

Yoko Ono:

Some interesting points regarding her.
This is from Wikipedia, I would like to verify this, but it was interesting:

Yoko was born to mother Isoko Ono, the granddaughter of Zenjiro Yasuda of the Yasuda banking family, and to father Eisuke Ono, who worked for the Yokohama Specie Bank and a descendant of an Emperor of Japan.[1] Two weeks before she was born, her father was transferred to San Francisco. The rest of the family followed soon after. In 1937, her father was transferred back to Japan and Ono was enrolled at Tokyo's Gakushuin University, one of the most exclusive schools in Japan, which, before World War Two, was open only to those descended from aristocrats (in the House of Peers) or the imperial family. ( still need to verify this claim)

Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter said, "In many countries around the world - my wife and I have visited about 125 countries - you hear John Lennon's song 'Imagine' used almost equally with national anthems. ( still need to verify this claim)

On New Years Eve at the start of 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, "Imagine" was played in Times Square in the minutes leading up to midnight. ( still need to verify this claim)

Yoko had a daughter from a previous marriage that she left for John Lennon, her ex-husband kidnapped their daughter and went into hiding with her because he claimed Yoko was an Occultist and into drugs and he was a Christian, a slightly odd branch of Christianity but never less a Christian that was against the Occult. I got this from various sources.

Barbra Marx Hubbard a spiritual leader, visionary, futurist and occultist, friends with all the leading New Age Occults …..wrote a book that tells of their plans to kill off the Christians, Jews and Muslims. The book was paid for by a grant from Laurence Rockefeller. This last month Barbara interviewed James O'Dea, see the following of what she said about him.

My conversation this month is with James O'Dea. James is a universal human! He embodies as a person those wonderful characteristics that we are all moving towards. He is connected through the heart to the whole of life. He is awakened from within by the divine process of creation, and seems to have a remarkable spiritual/social/systems integration gift to help us move through this transition toward the world that is alluring, calling us, living within us. As former president of Amnesty International, and Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) where he is a fellow, he is now working in many key projects throughout the world.

In the interview which I have listened to, James O’Dea is as extreme an occultist as Barbara Marx Hubbard. They discuss many many occult principles and doctrines in great detail.

This is from Amnesty International: "Imagine" is Amnesty Internationals theme song. All the powers are connected into one whole movement, it is all Lucifer’s Plan.

About the Imagine Campaign

Yoko Ono Lennon has given Amnesty International a wonderful and generous gift: the rights to use her late husband's song "Imagine" in a campaign for human rights. In her words:

"Those who know the song 'Imagine' understand that it was written with a very deep love for the human race and a concern for its future. It is about the betterment of the world for our children and ourselves. Like the song, Amnesty International gives a voice to the importance of human rights. And like the song, it has been able to effect change."

"Imagine" expresses the hope and idealism that inspire Amnesty International's vision: that of a world in which every person enjoys all of the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In its appeal to the power of imagination, the song echoes Amnesty International's faith in the power of the ordinary individual to make a difference.

Amnesty International, in turn, is the embodiment of what can be accomplished by those who dare to imagine a better world and who have the courage to act on their vision. It was British lawyer Peter Benenson who first "imagined" Amnesty International. He and a group of friends founded the organization in 1961 with a campaign based on a startling premise: that ordinary individuals could exert pressure on government authorities and effect real change. But Amnesty's first campaign was successful even beyond its founder's dreams. Within a matter of months, what was planned as a one-year campaign had grown into an international movement.

Today, Amnesty International is the world's largest grassroots human rights organization, with 1.5 million members in 162 countries. In the 40 years since its founding, Amnesty International members have helped free more than 40,000 people who were unjustly imprisoned. In 1977, the organization was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its work to protect human rights.

At Amnesty International, we believe in the power of ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.
Irene Khan
Secretary General of Amnesty International

You may say I'm a dreamer,
But I'm not the only one.
I hope some day you'll join us,
And the world will live as one.
John Lennon

We have been boiled like frogs for many many years to get us to the point at which most of the world will embrace these things whole-heartedly and those that do not will appear evil. We have entered the time when evil is good and good is evil.

Indocrination of Children with Captain Planet

Captain Planet Cartoon

When I originally saw this cartoon I immediately recognized the occult meanings and indoctrinations for our youth. This started running in the late 80’s.

This is a section off there site explaining the "Mythology" behind the cartoon.

"Gaia, the spirit of Earth, awakens from a century-long sleep to the pillaging of the planet by a largely oblivious humanity. Fearing for the future, she sends magic rings to five youngsters from around the globe - Wheeler (North America), Linka (Eastern Europe), Gi (Asia), Kwame (Africa) and Ma-Ti (South America) - Gaia's team in the battle against further destruction of the Earth.

As the youngsters place the rings on their fingers, they are magically transported to Gaia's home, Hope Island, an uncharted, unpolluted tropical isle far from civilization. There, Gaia teaches them the secrets of nature. As they learn of their personal power, each identifies with one of the four ancient elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and a very special new power, Heart, which symbolizes the compassion needed to save the Earth. Through the magic rings, the Planeteers learn to direct their powers in their mission to save Earth. Finally, they are ready to discover the greatest secret of all.

When the Planeteers join their powers together, beams shoot from their rings, meeting and combining in a swirling nimbus. Thunder and lightning crash through the sky, and as the Planeteers watch, a new hero literally bursts from the earth . . . Captain Planet! The environmental superhero, endowed with the powers of the Planeteers' rings combined and magnified, demonstrates that the whole is, indeed, greater than the sum of its parts.

In each episode, Captain Planet and the Planeteers face a rogue's gallery of larger-than-life eco-villains, including such despicable characters as Verminous Skumm, whose goal is to spread filth and disease, and resource-ravaging ruffians like Duke Nukem and Looten Plunder. Although buffoonish in character, they symbolize real threats to the planet Earth. They pillage natural resources and pollute the water and air. They will stop at nothing to accomplish their evil goals.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers take kids on heart-stopping adventures - part science, part action, but always rooted in fact. Each episode reveals some aspect of the physical effect of environmental destruction and ends with the same message: that every individual must respect planet Earth and preserve its resources if we are to ensure our survival. And each episode ends with a :30 epilogue that gives viewers "The Power" to be part of the environmental solution."

If you have read the new age occult teachings you can reconize far more in this cartoon they just enviromentalism. Gaia gives majical rings and when the children combine their rings/powers the envoke Captin Planet who immerges from the earth. " Captain Planet! The environmental superhero, endowed with the powers of the Planeteers' rings combined and magnified, demonstrates that the whole is, indeed, greater than the sum of its parts." This is the occult teaching of together we can call forth the greatest super hero of the earth together as one. I have always identified this with Lucifer for the similarities are shocking in the way he comes out of the earth via the combined will or powers of the children. For the occult's plan is to evoke Lucifer to save the Planet from destruction. Also we see the powers of the earth being taught and powers within being to utilize the powers of “nature” or universal Laws as we are taught openly today. "Gaia teaches them the secrets of nature. As they learn of their personal power." There is much more to this then an environmental indoctrination it is extremely based on the occult spirituality too. It was done in the late 80’s. We are now reaping the fruits of this indoctrination into occult teachings to the youth. This was created by Ted Turner.

New Age Occult, One World Order and Religion

New Age Occult, One World Order and Religion

This are some random subjects that have come up that I feel go well together:

The church leaders unfortunately cannot directly point out all the evil that they are aware of without having the church persecuted. In meeting with General Authorities in the past on this very subject they said once the harvest was over and we pull from the world then they will directly expose these issues. But to do so at this time would be far more harmful then good. They are aware and know more than many think. Their job now is to preach the truth of the Gospel and Testify of Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and Redeemer and those that have ears to hear will understand. The book of Mormon is a second testament of Jesus Christ. There is a reason for the need of a second witness even more then the apostasy. If you are in tune with the spirit you recognize the Lord’s Voice over his greatest imposter. In following all that the Prophets say you will be protected. Once the church pulls from the world they will outwardly address these issues and there will be a greater separation of the wheat and tares in the church. For some will not like the stand the church takes, just like with Proposition 8 over gay marriages some LDS removed their memberships over it. This is just the beginning.

As for the members of the Church we are freer to express and expose the issues then the Brethren are though we still must be careful. When I asked the Brethren what I was to do with my data they said “tell everyone” So they are supportive of us expressing these issues as far as they are correct.

I was fortunate to be able to meet with them for months discussing my research and getting feed back and the go-ahead to express it. If that is not an option how do we know if our data is correct? The primary way is to cross reference everything that has been taught as doctrine of the Church. Second is to not hold fast to issues that are solely our own opinions. We can express them as possible ideas, but not as fact. If you notice the Brethren make a point to often quote other Prophets to show the accuracy and continuity of their points. Therefore it is a good example of how to express our ideas to others. They must be backed with references.

I fully believe: “We should waste and wear out our lives bringing all the hidden things of darkness to light where in we know them.” Joseph Smith

In regards to the mark of the beast, I believe that it is symbolic and literal. I for one will not take the mark of the beast regardless of the consequences of not taking it, even if it means laying down my life. A primary reason at this time I believe this is a plausible scenario that could occur is because the Occult is highly promoting the use of microchip implants. Their goal is to create a one world order and religion under Lucifer. When they promote things that fit prophecy it gives me pause. They intend to have levels of initiation and the final initiation is to be a Luciferic initiation per their own writings. This may be correct, because they explain what their plans are and I have watched them over the years fulfill them I take what they say more seriously then just speculation.

This is also way I feel there is more the beast and the mark then just symbolism.
Rev. 20: 4
4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.
It appears that those that would not take the mark or worship the beast were beheaded. I cannot come up with a symbolic meaning for beheaded. I do not feel that this information would be told to us at conference even if it is known by the General Authorities. It would be like telling the world come join our church and in doing so you take the risk of being beheaded one day. They just teach the truth, and guide us to do what is right so we have the Holy Spirit with us and they will warn us when we need to know.

Based on the philosophies of the occult, they plan to exterminate all persons that believe in a God. This is why I would tend to think the beheading and marks have literal meanings. There could, of course, still be symbolic of many things. As they say the scriptures are like “peeling an onion; there are many layers”.

The Occult believes that we are all “god”. Not believing you are “God” is evil. This belief is called the belief in separation. Anyone that believes in a God that is separate from themselves like Christians, Jews and Muslims are called separatists and are evil. If you believe everyone and everything is “One” and “god” you are good. This is where all the Oneness and peace movements are coming from. One World Order, world peace, environmental oneness, Global movements etc….

The Occult's views on this are clear and reveal what their plans are for the God-believing Faithful. The information is not common knowledge but exists. Futurist and Conscious Evolutionist Barbara Marx Hubbard states it pretty clearly in her book the Revelation: Our Crisis is a Birth. The book now can be found renamed the Revelation: A Message of Hope for the New Millennium. She explains a difference between oneness and separation. Oneness means being one with the world and with all mankind and accepting your own divinity. Separation is a false belief that you are separate from God. If you're one with the world you'll help guide the planet to this new evolution. But if you refuse to be one with the world you will be holding back the planet's evolution. If you don't see yourself as divine and you believe you are separate from God you are like a cancer cell on planet Earth that must be removed by what is called a “selection process”. This will be for all the self-centered separatists who believe they’re separate from God and she calls that belief evil. It is all those who believe in the God of Abraham which are Christians Jews and Muslims. If they are not willing to become one with the world they will have to be removed just like cancer is removed from the body because they will be hindering the evolution of the earth and of all humanity. The goal is world peace. If we as “Christs” can accomplish it we can avoid Armageddon.

So in other words:
Barbara Marx Hubbard makes it clear that those that will not evolve and accept that they are “gods’ will need to be removed from this planet like cancer is removed from the body. The followers of a God separate from themselves need to be sent to another “kindergarten plane” once they are removed so that the Earth then can evolve. Otherwise the faithful servants of God are in the way and must be cleansed off the earth.

Per request I can give you exact quotes or pages from her book. I have just done a summary.

Now before you write off Barbara Marx Hubbard as just one nutcase let me tell who she is connected with. To know if what she says hold any credence we must look at who backed her books publishing, who are her “comrades” that back, support and agree with her.

Her book “Message of Hope for the New Millennium” was funded by Laurence s Rockefeller. In the acknowledgments page in her book it says:

The Publication of this book and its associated outreach program was made possible through a generous grant from Laurence S. Rockefeller’s Fund for the Enhancement of the Human Spirit. Is it that reveling. Why would a Rockefeller promote something of insignificance.

Barbara has recently created a DVD series called Humanity Ascending. I have listed off her site what people are saying about her series. Notice the names of the people.

“What People Are Saying About HUMANITY ASCENDING

Barbara Marx Hubbard has become the voice for conscious evolution in our times. The fate of humanity and the world now depends on survival of the wisest. In this video she elegantly explains how the universe is becoming self aware thorough the human nervous system. In this self awareness lie the raw materials of intention and a new imagination that will propel us from being human to super human.

—Deepak Chopra

Author, Life After Death: The Burden of Proof
At a time of increasing confusion and rising concern about our planet's future, the Humanity Ascending Series unravels the mystery of our collective experience in an extraordinary overview that is breathtaking in its scope, startling in its clarity, and gloriously hopeful in its thoughts about tomorrow, demonstrating once again why Barbara Marx Hubbard is considered a global treasure and one of the greatest visionaries of our time.

—Neale Donald Walsch

Barbara Marx Hubbard is one of the great world servers of our time and in this luminous video, her spirit and ideas evoke our larger destiny, our greater story. So potent and inspiring is Humanity Ascending that it could well be called the agenda for our evolutionary emergence. To view this video is to be charged with hope and a passion for the possible.

—Jean Houston

Barbara Marx Hubbard is one of America's brightest lights. She makes this very complicated moment in history seem like a glorious opportunity. She gives guidance, and she gives hope.

— Marianne Williamson”

Marianne Williamson is fully backed and promoted by Oprah and has sold millions of books internationally. Oprah has promoted her books, and created a radio series of lessons based on the teachings of “A course on Miracles” that Marianne teaches. By the way the “A Course in Miracles’ was dictated to the author Helen Schumann via an inner voice calling it self Jesus Christ.

Deepak Chopra is promoted by Oprah and is on TV all the time and has sold millions of books internationally and has a PBS Special.

Neal Donald Walsh is famous for the “Conversations With God” series of books. His books have sold in the millions and are published in about 35 different languages. A movie about his life has been made. All of his books are written by auto-writing, which means, as he describes, a force takes over his hands and writes for him. He does not know what he is writing down. Oprah did a two hour interview with Neal, but is holding if off for now. Neal says that Oprah told him she will release it when she feels people are prepared for it, that she backs him completely.

Jean Houston is a leading figure of New Thought spirituality and ritual processes and an author of many books. She had a PBS Special “A Passion for the Possible”.She is also known for her relationship with First Lady Hillary Clinton. She encouraged Hillary to carry on imaginary conversations with Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. They did not claim to be acting as mediums in this event yet it leans to that idea.

All of the above authors are very popular and respected Occultists. They all work together and are in the same organizations, promote each other and even do lecture tours with each other promoting their ideas. They have become highly organized.
An interesting thing to point out is Jean Houston reference to Barbara being “one of the great world servers of our time’ This is a very significant statement, though easily passed over when you have not studied the occult teachings. Helena Blavatsky an occultist and Theosophist often refereed to as the mother of the new age movement, wrote many books on the occult and their Plan. She actually had a magazine for a while called Lucifer. They refer to the Divine Plan just as LDS refer to the Plan of salvation. There were two plans in the pre-mortal world Heavenly Father’s and Lucifer’s. We both use the term Plan. Who are the world servers that Jean Houston referred to? They were started by Alice Bailey, who continued the works of Blavatsky with the Lucis Trust. When Alice and Foster Bailey were beginning to publish their books published under her name, they named their publishing company “Lucifer Publishing Company”. By 1925 the name was changed to Lucis Publishing Company and has remained that name since then. The Lucis Trust continues the Theosophy Society ideas an agenda. Organisation: World Goodwill is a voluntary association of men and women of goodwill open to all who support its principles and objectives. World Goodwill is not a "membership organisation" and there are no membership dues.
World Goodwill is an accredited non-governmental organisation with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations. It maintains informal relations with certain of the Specialised Agencies and with a wide range of national and international non-governmental organisations. World Goodwill is an activity of the Lucis Trust, which is on the Roster of the United Nations Economic and Social Council.
Who are the World Servers:

The new group of world servers

“This rapidly expanding group is comprised of those who think and act in terms of the one life and the one humanity; their growing sense of synthesis means that they are those who, rather than emphasizing points of contention and division between peoples, are highlighting points of identification and unity through the unconditional love they express. of this affiliation, they may not know or meet each other in person, but members of this worldwide group intuitively recognise and resonate with others who share this vision of human unity and are working to implement it in their chosen field. Above all members of this group represent an inclusive attitude of mind and the purpose underlying their life and activity is that of world service.

Their work is primarily, therefore, that of education and the expansion of human consciousness. Through the impression and expression of certain spiritual Ideas, they are bringing humanity to the understanding of the fundamental ideals which will inspire new modes of living.

The new group of world servers is not an exterior organization but could be thought of as a subjective organism, a group of people united as one through the synthesizing nature of their vision and work. They may not be consciously aware.

What all the world servers are working for is made clear in Blavatsky and Bailey’s writings - a One World Government and One World Religion under their Christ. This new religion they say will be one in which the false idea of a God separate from yourself is not allowed. Just an FYI; Blavatsky had a magazine for some years called Lucifer. Also all of her writings were dictated to her by an unseen entity. They believe Lucifer is good and came here to help mankind evolve.

The teachings of the Occult are now found in every segment of our society. Here are some lists of names of promoters of the Plan and teachings that Blavatsky taught:

Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsh, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, David Spangler, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, John Holland, Louise Hay, Meditation and yoga etc. Yes meditation and yoga. If you notice Deseret Book does not sell books on yoga or meditation, yet many members practice it ignorant of its origins and use. It is designed to take you to an alerted state of consciousness where you can become “awakened”. You become “Awakened” “Enlightened” that you are one with the world and are “god” I am not saying this happens to everyone that has done yoga or meditation but it is the way that the Occults reach this level and they promote it as part of their agenda.

To simplify this whole thing. There are two plans, Father’s and Lucifer’s. Lucifer’s Plan since the beginning has been taught by secret oaths and covenants and only from initiate to initiate, master to pupil. In 1975 they were given the go-ahead to start teaching it outwardly. Since then the quantity of writings, lectures and promotions of their beliefs and agenda has increased rapidly. They are now the fastest-growing movement in the world. They have infiltrated every segment of our society with world servers. They work in secret. Now they are coming out and proclaiming it to the world, teaching their “truth” to millions of people. They make it clear there are only two sides. We are the only church that really understands the two plans and the significance of them. These occultists have been behind communism, socialism and all the liberal agenda since the beginning.

“I testify that as the forces of evil increase under Lucifer’s leadership and as the forces of good increase under the leadership of Jesus Christ, there will be growing battles between the two until the final confrontation. As the issues become clearer and more obvious, all mankind will eventually be required to align themselves either for the kingdom of God or for the kingdom of the devil. As these conflicts rage, either secretly or openly, the righteous will be tested. God’s wrath will soon shake the nations of the earth and will be poured out on the wicked without measure. (See JS—H 1:45; D&C 1:9.) But God will provide strength for the righteous and the means of escape; and eventually and finally truth will triumph. (See 1 Ne. 22:15–23.)” President Ezra Taft Benson. Ensign, Nov. 1988, 86.

We will all have to choose at some point to completely align ourselves with the Lord and follow the Prophet or align ourselves with the devil. I feel when we reach that stage that the Brethren will take a stand and tell exactly what to do or not to do therefore giving us that means of escape. There will be many members that disagree with the stand the church takes and a great number will leave the Church for the safety and security that the world is offering, as the scriptures say when they claim peace.

I Thessalonians Chapter 5:3

3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.
Dan. 8: 25
25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

The world will offer peace and security to all those that join with them in their one world order and religion.
Elder Maxwell said in “A Wonderful Flood of Light” “Even if we decide to leave Babylon, some of us endeavor to keep a second residence there, or we commute on weekend. To quote President Marion B Romney, some go on “trying to serve the Lord without offending the Devil.” (The Price of Peace) in Speeches of the Year [Provo: Brigham Young University, March 1, 1955]”
We will have to choose for we can not serve two masters.