Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is a Occult law not a Christian doctrine.

I will try to explain the difference between the two Plans Lucifer’s and God’s in regards to the law of attraction.

The Secret, The Moses Code, The Law of Attraction by Ester and Jerry Hicks….these are completely based on Occult teachings. They are not universal truths or laws we can tap into. There is a very false idea floating around that there exist Divine Laws that we as humans can just tap into to get what we want. This is not the case. The power either comes from God or it comes from Lucifer. We do not have powers on our own that we can tap into that are neutral.

I will first give you an example of powers that are given by Lucifer to heal:

Many people feel they can heal others by energy healing by tapping into powers that naturally exist. This naturally-existing power is the power that naturally exists with Lucifer. We are told clearly that we are to give Priesthood blessings and it is by the power and authority of the Priesthood from Father and is based on the Faith of the individual and the Will of the Lord. Immoral Pagans, witches and occultists who tap into forces of nature are tapping into Lucifer’s powers. Does this power of Lucifer work? Yes it does, but is not from God. When you do a deep study into how to gain these “powers” to heal, they teach at first that you are tapping into the “source,” a neutral energy, only to later find out what the “source” is. They admit that all the power that you have comes from “angels," who put their hands on the healers hands and send the power. These angels also whisper impressions of what is wrong with the unhealthy person. As the healer gets more sensitive to the promptings of these spirits they begin to hear them and sometimes see them. These are not angels from heaven; they are fallen angels or demons, for there are no moral rules or submission to the will of God required in order to have these powers. People just need to meditate and receive them. God only grants powers to those that are worthy of the Spirit and the gifts thereof. Godly healing is only through His power and will working with the faith of the individual to be healed. If we could tap into neutral powers then this would not be clearly taught in the scriptures or doctrines.

The Secret-Combination religious wing of the conspiracy is the Occult movement, also know as the New Thought, New Spirituality, New Age Movement, Ancient Wisdom etc…. To understand the difference between the New Age Occult and God's truth or rather the test to see which side someone is on is this - "my will not Thine" or "Thy will not mine". The new age occult quote scriptures and talk about God all the time. But they do not talk about submitting your will to God. They only talk about YOUR WILL and how to make YOUR WILL happen. They talk about sacrifice for the world but not sacrificing for the belief in a God. They teach 99.9% truth. The only way to tell the difference is to ask whether they seek "Thy will" or "my will". We are taught that when we are given Priesthood blessings, it is according to the Will of the Father, not our will. The role we play in it is faith (active trust in God). If we do not have the Faith then that will tie the Lords hands.

It is two fold.

1) It must be the will of the Lord.

2) We must have Faith in God to receive.

It all goes back to being humble and teachable and willing to submit to all things. We must be willing to lose our life to gain it. The occult teaches we are the ones that empower ourselves with the "God" force to gain all these things. This is pride. This is the pride that was the fall of Lucifer. He will not turn to Father for anything nor do Fathers will.

Lisa Nichols a motivational speaker from The Secret. She may have started out believing in "God" but she now has a new definition of God. She uses all the occult terms. She even talks about putting things out into the universe and having them come back. She is now a follower of Occult teachings. Did she plan to join Lucifer's side? No, she was seduced. She is now a false teacher, an anti-Christ, for she does not call for the repentance of sinners only the acceptance of godhood and the powers within. If we do not preach of Christ as our redeemer but preach that we redeem ourselves we are anti-Christs. She is a very good example of the elect being fooled. Though we don't know where her faith was originally, we know she says she believes in God. But the definition of God is the whole issue. Oprah believes in God too. They do not worship the same God we do. They worship His opposite. Maybe when you hear them say the word “God” just replace it with the name Lucifer and see if it fits, because that is exactly who they are talking about. The occult teaches he is the "god" of the planet, the "god" of forces.

If they do not teach of repentance and sin, they are on the bad side. If they do not testify of Christ as the redeemer of sin, they are on the bad side. If they teach self-empowerment they are on the bad side. I hate to sound so simplistic but it really comes down to these kinds of basic doctrinal truths. The new age teaches peace, love, sacrifice - wonderful good things. This is how Lucifer is appearing as an Angel of Light. He is teaching truths but leaves out Father, sin and repentance. He claims to be the Christ bringing the world peace.

Bryron Katie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBFk2TuLFXA She uses all occult terms and ideas.

Leslie Householder teaches the law of attraction she is an author of occult ideas here is a quote from her:

I felt no other choice than to escape "reality". "I was a wreck. I finally just went to bed and decided that I didn't care if I ever got up. The kids would just have to find their own food and look after themselves, because I couldn't go on any longer. If I couldn't find the freedom from stress that I needed, I'd just close my eyes and pretend I already had it. That's the only place I could feel relief, and if that's where I'd have to do it, so be it. I remember thinking, "Oh, you are so pathetic, Leslie!"

If you accidentally stumble onto ONE of the rules, like I did, without knowing what you've done, the success or perceived prosperity is temporary. Little did I know that what I did that day was actually the beginning of my deliverance... it actually started us on a new self-help path to prosperity. I had applied ONE of the laws without even knowing it."

Where are the lessons on God. She only teaches self. She stumbled, as she says, onto one of the laws without knowing it……(self-help path of deliverance?) That is what she is saying. She is not teaching of God and repentance and submisson to His will, she teaches how to get your will not Fathers will.

She goes on to say:

"God and the Universe operate in a lawful manner. It is good news to know that the Universe operates in an orderly way, because that means that once you learn the laws, you can know that as you follow them, the good fortune MUST come, by law. Just knowing this gives you the mental stamina to endure the "test period" of your faith."

This is not what is meant by the Law of Restoration or the Law of Harvest. Where are we taught this in the scriptures? Where does the Lord promise blessings in this life? He promises eternal ones, treasures in heaven not treasures on earth. The Occult teaches these ideas. Ironically they teach this at first then teach you to not want of material things but to want to attract world peace instead. These principles are to catch people that want wealth. Then once they have caught them then teach them the higher laws and to use them for the good of all not just themselves. So it is a great way to get selfish people to turn into helpers of Lucifer by showing them it is best for them too. They then teach that if you live the higher laws of using the power of attraction, sending goodwill out to the world, you are evoking Lucifer to come forth with his Plan.

I checked to see if Leslie Householder's books were sold at Deseret Books and other LDS stores and they are not.

Carol Tuttle teaches Energy Healing and the law of attraction. Her books are not carried by any LDS bookstore either. The reason I was told when I inquired about Carol Tuttle's book Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century is this. This book I was told was pulled from the shelves and that Deseret would not be carrying it due to content. The only content that it had was occult content.

"Sales of Remembering Wholeness continue to climb through its word of mouth popularity. It is the only self-help book that bridges the gap between energy healing, metaphysics, and Christianity. Carol was recently chosen as the Barnes and Noble author of the Month." The quote is from Tuttle's website. Her book is a mix of Marianne Williamson and Neale Donald Walsh's occult doctrines with a tiny bit of Mormon doctrine that is twisted to help prove the occult is good.

These self-empowerment books, tell everything with that title (self). Being self focused is pride. the occult teaches how to empower yourself with powers and how to use theses powers for gain. Where your heart is, that is what you worship. Whatever you focus on the most is your God. I have nothing against a general lesson on how to be productive in life. That is valuable and needed. But that is not what the law of attraction is.

There are many today that are Wolves in sheep’s clothing teaching these ideas. Witches use the Law of Attraction. It is part of their teachings and they know that the power comes for Satan and his demons. These books on the law of attraction become a huge stepping stone or bridge into the occult. The law of attraction is a Core occult doctrine. Why do you need God if you can will thing on your own? We are clearly told all blessings come from God, all that we have comes from Him. Lucifer promised Moses and Christ all the powers of the world. He can offer this to anyone that will follow him. As soon as you start to think you do not need Father you are now in Lucifer’s camp. For that is what he believes and teaches. He teaches the principle of the divine within and that you are “god”. He wants to be God and believes he is God and he then teaches us the same, so we rebel and become as miserable (liberated from Father) as his is.

Not all promoters of the new age know what they are doing. Many think it is goodness that they promote. The inner circles know it is Lucifer's plan, but others do not. But this does not make them any less dangerous, just naive. The teachings are very dangerous and deadly. It is like a little child with a gun, they may not know and really understand the consequence of pulling the trigger but the outcome is the same. If they were taught right they would have the correct respect for the power which they yield, but if not they are left to their own devises. Again Thy will not mine or My will not Thine.

If can see this in examples throughout the scriptures. Yes, some were blessed with riches and it did not make them evil, but the love of riches does. Many great spirits were not given riches for that was not the will of the Lord. If it was a true law that God gives you riches if you put forth faith, then we would have been shown that in Christ. Christ showed us the very opposite. His example was to put Father first in all things, then your fellow man. This is the opposite that the new age teaches. They teach yourself first then the fellow man and leave out Father completely. Sometimes they will teach you to put your fellow man first, then yourself, but still leave out Father and His will.

I know of LDS people that have read The Secret and watched the movie and even bought it for others saying this is truth. As LDS we fall easily victim to these lies for we know we “Can be come as Father and be Gods…," but that is only by submitting our will to Him, not by learning how to use “powers”. To live by the example of Christ and become one with Him is the only way to perfection, if we can be totally humble and submit our will. People who follow The Secret start even to say...

Why go to the temple?

What good does that do anyway, freemasons have temples too, so what is the big deal with going to the temple?

Truth is out there in the world and not just in the church.

They believe in the law of attraction and use it instead of faith in God and waiting for His will.

They want what they want now and are no longer willing to wait for God to grant them certain things.

They say the church is true but there are more truths out there that they are finding that clarify the doctrines of the church (redefining them).

These members are getting very proud and can no longer be taught. They think truth is inside them. They are starting to believe that they do not need to follow a living prophet or Apostles for they can know just as much or even more than them through these "new laws".

Who needs God when you have the powers of God?

I have talked to many LDS that are seeing the falling away of loved ones into these ideas, for they do not lead to Father but away. What I have found in my research is that many of the older teachers of the laws of positive thinking and such were occultists and associated with other occultists that were even more blatant in their writings. Some logical points about having a good attitude is fine, the scriptures should be our source of uplifting information. Principles of using good judgments on money matters are fine, but using powers or laws of the universe to make you rich is another story completely. Again I emphasizes Thy will not mine or My will not Thine. Humility and Pride. God's power or Lucifer's Power.

The new age occultist leaders preach that Aids is a disease that is caused by guilt and the condemnation of others. The idea that homosexuality is a sin is incorrect and is causing this disease. Once the person and the world accept that this is not a sin for there is no sin, the world would be freed of Aids. So it is the (Christians fault Aids exists!) If we show love and send love out into the universe the universe must send love back. Christians do not send love for they believe in a God that judges. Therefore they are the cause of the misery of man. Once you free yourself from the idea of sin, love reigns and the world is at peace. You Will only good things for yourself and others via the law of attraction. We attract Aids to our lives because of this wrong teaching of sin. What we put out in to the universe comes back, we put out judgments then judgments come back, we put out love then love comes back. Those that put out these negative "religious ideas' of judgments of God cause the world to not have love.

This is how dangerous this principle of the law of attraction really is! It will be the reason why Christians will be killed. So anyone that teaches it is fueling the flames and will be part of the cause of the persecution of the saints and their deaths. The Law of Attraction is Lucifer's false doctrine that mirrors Faith...but faith is not the Law of Attraction. Faith is submitting to the will of the Father and believing in Him. It is not believing in the Law of Attraction taught by Lucifer. Does the law of attraction work? Yes, Lucifer will bless those that he chooses, did he not offer the same thing to Christ and Moses? He offered them the world with its riches and power..... you could say he offered them the Law of Attraction. What was their answer? No. That should be ours too. The law of attraction is the law that becomes the excuse to kill Christians, Jews and some Muslims. They have already written this. If you do not accept that you are "god" and there is not sin you are evil. Evil must be taken off the planet for the planet to go through the next transformation to its higher level, where the world will be full of love and peace under Lucifer. No separatists can be on the planet when it evolves into its next level...(they define separatists as those that believe in a God separate then themselves.) So that is us! We must be removed like a cancer is from the body of Christ. Barbara Marx Hubbard teaches this. She is very very close with Marianne Williamson, Neal Donald Walsh and Deepak Chopra and others. They all say she is wonderful and a visionary and the leading futurist. (Some great future for us is all I can say.)

I for one will stand by the Lord's word and the true doctrines and follow what the prophet says. I will not follow the doctrines of devils that are being taught today.

It always amazes me that safety, salvation and protection is in the basic simple doctrines we have been taught. I am in awe of the beauty and simplicity of the Gospel. Each day I realize more and more how it is everything we need. As I research these things the clearer it is to me that all the truth we need comes from the many layers in the scriptures, words of the Prophets and going to the temple. We need nothing else. The extra things in the world are very dangerous and are designed to guide us off track. It becomes a complicated mess when you read doctrines of the adversary, for he twists things in a way that intermingles lies with truth. This is Lucifer’s strategy. We need to make sure we focus on the basic core doctrines that the prophets and scriptures have taught and we will be safe.

If members would just follow the Prophet and the doctrines of the Church and not try to add things they would have the pure truth. But they want more, they want to add upon their knowledge from out in the world. Well if you search out in the world that is where you find Lucifer's 99.9% truth. When you add that now you have changed the pure doctrines into Lucifer’s. The path is simple - hold on to the iron rod, do not wander of into the mist of darkness. The iron rod (the word of God) will step by step get you to the tree of life. There are no short cuts or quick paths or powers you can tap into on your own. We get confused with the fact that we can become Gods and confuse it with the false teaching that we are already Gods. The only way to Godhood is through the atonement, mercy and submitting our Will to the Lord to be taught all things and to submit to all things and endure to the end. Then after all we can do, through mercy we are saved. But our Godhood is dependent on being humble and teachable, not proud. Pride was Lucifer’s Fall and will be the fall of many good wonderful people that are not willing fully to purge themselves of selfishness and pride, submitting to all things the Lord deems for us (all things). THY WILL NOT MINE. This must be what we think at all times. Pray for His will. Be His students, His children and not a student of the world and the children of the devil. Lucifer has played his same tune to the members of the church throughout all time, the scriptures the examples are very clear in the book of Mormon.

I fear so much for many members being lead astray, even those that know about secret combinations! In talking with the General Authorities regarding these occult doctrines they said they felt this would be the great separation of the wheat and tares. The separation process at its core will be the separation of prideful and the humble. Humility, selflessness and submitting to all things was the example of Christ. Pride and selfishness and wanting ones own will over Father’s was the example of Lucifer.

There is much more on this subject but I will stop here.

I highly suggest reading Presidents Bensons talk “Beware of Pride” again and again.

http://tinyurl.com/2jkuom “Beware of Pride”